2016 Pistons Spring Camp Schedule

April 1

Registration: Everyone must check in and confirm payment at the entrance of the arena prior to your first ice session.

5:00-6:15 Game 1      Coffee Culture Chillers vs Chinos
6:30-7:45 Game 2      Coffee Culture Caps vs Sunshine
8:00-9:15 Game 3      Coffee Culture Freddos vs CC Chillers

April 2

9:00-10:00   Game 4   Chinos vs Coffee Culture Caps
10:15-11:15 Game 5   Sunshine vs Coffee Culture Freddos
11:30-12:30 Game 6   Coffee Culture Chillers vs Coffee Culture Caps

12:45 – 1:45  Goalie session

2:00-3:00 Game 7    Chinos vs Coffee Culture Freddos
3:15-4:15 Game 8    Coffee Culture Chillers vs Sunshine
4:30-5:30 Game 9    Coffee Culture Freddos vs Coffee Culture Caps
5:45-6:45 Game 10  Sunshine vs Chinos

April 3

10:45-12:00 3rd Place Game  3rd place vs 4th place
12:15-1:30  Championship Game 1st place vs 2nd place


*players will be notified on Saturday evening when they will be playing on Sunday