Andrew Harris Headlines Fire & Ice Banquet

Article Courtesy of Steinbachonline.com – Pictures Courtesy of Andrea Pries

Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back Andrew Harris spoke at the eighth annual Steinbach Pistons Fire and Ice Banquet Tuesday evening.

Harris, who started his football career with the Eastman Raiders, spoke about his journey to professional football both on and off the field. He encouraged the Steinbach Pistons to enjoy this amazing time in their lives and to stay in the moment.

“They are going on to the playoffs and I played junior at a high level, and won some championships and know what it takes and know the pressures that come along with that. The biggest thing was to keep it moving and live in the moment. It was great to be back here and to be a part of this great organization’s event, and it was a great night.”

Team President Grant Lazaruk says Friedensfeld Hall was packed to capacity. He notes the banquet is a great representation of what the team is all about.

“Our team puts a great product on the ice and it is exciting. We get to watch these guys and we are proud of these guys, but for ourselves from an ownership group, what we are really proud of is how they get the community involved and what they do within the community, it is the players, it is the people, it is the volunteers, it is everything.”

Lazaruk says the Steinbach Pistons were debuted their brand new recruitment video at the banquet. He notes it nicely sums up why players should choose Steinbach as a team to play for, but also as a community to live in and be a part of.