Steinbach Pistons Coach and players hanging out with the Herbsigwil team on the Pistons field near Zhoda.

Another Successful Crop for the Pistons

Another harvest in the books and another successful crop for the Steinbach Pistons despite the drought that took over most of southeastern Manitoba this past summer.

This year’s crop was led by the expertise of Scott Peters and his crew from Herbsigwil Farms. The Pistons also had the help of Southeast Seeds, Thunder Seeds, Marc Hutlet Seeds and Mazorgroup who all pitched in to help cover the costs associated with harvesting a crop.

This is the fourth year that the Pistons have ventured into the agricultural world to raise money for the program. This is the 2nd time Herbsigwil has donated their time to help make this initiative possible.

Just like the first time, Herbsigwill planted a field of soybeans four miles south of Highway #12 and Highway #403 in the Zhoda area. And this year’s crop faired a lot better than the first time for Herbsigwil. The first time, the Pistons had to deal with their insurance company because of hail damage.

There was no hail this year, but farmers know there are many variables that can threaten a good crop and this year it was a lack of moisture. Herbsigwil Farms said this year was a very abnormal year and say it has been many years since they can remember having such a dry year.

Despite the dry weather, the crop pulled through. In fact, Herbsigwil reported that the Pistons 120-acre crop was their best field by a wide margin out of all of the farm’s soybean fields in the area. The Pistons crop was able to garner 34 bushels per acre while the rest of the farm’s fields in the area were as low as 15 and as high as 25 bushels per acre.

The Pistons organization is once again very grateful for the contributions of Southeast Seeds, Thunder Seeds, Marc Hutlet Seeds, Mazorgroup and Herbsigwil Farms for helping further the vision of the Steinbach Pistons.

The Pistons are always looking for farmers who would like to team up with the community by helping out the Pistons in the fields of southeastern Manitoba. If you’re interested, please contact the Pistons office at 204-346-1604.