Another Successful Crop Fundraiser

The Steinbach Pistons finished harvesting their most successful crop to date despite some less than ideal harvesting conditions this past week.

The Pistons again leaned on the expertise of Henervic Farms to host the 120-acre field located 5 miles south of Steinbach. The Pistons also had the help of DEKALB, Southeast Seeds, Thunder Seeds, Marc Hutlet Seeds, Abe Loeppky and Mazor Group who all pitched in to help cover the costs associated with harvesting a crop.

This is the third year that the Pistons have ventured into the agricultural world to raise money for the program. Henervic Farms was a part of year one when the team planted soybeans last minute because it was too wet to plant corn.

This year Henervic Farms had ideal conditions when they planted back in May. Optimism was high to start the year, but like any good farmer, there is always a sense of realism because anything can happen over the course of a summer.

Overall, everything went as planned and the Pistons harvested 137 bushels per/acre, which was quite a bit higher than the budgeted 100 bushel per/acre.

“This year we had outstanding heat units, so the corn matured and the yields are the best we have seen on that field,” said Ed Peters of Henervic Farms. “Fall weather has been challenging due to excess moisture. The corn has not dried naturally, so more drying is required in the dryer.”

Again the Pistons organization is extremely grateful for Henervic Farm’s guidance on the project and the help of all the crop sponsors. This program has been a great boost in helping the team fund its annual operating budget.

“We are happy to be able to be involved in the community and proud to be a part of such a well run program like the Steinbach Pistons,” added Peters, who is also one of the Steinbach Pistons 38 community ownership group.

The Pistons are always looking for other farmers who would like to team up with the community by helping out the Pistons in the fields of southeastern Manitoba. If you’re interested, please contact the Pistons office at 204-346-1604.