Claude Plante of Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries with the Pistons' Volunteer of the Month Tasha Bartel.

DJ Rev named Volunteer of the Month

The Steinbach Pistons along with Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries recognized Tasha Bartel as the Pistons’ Volunteer of the Month for October this past week.

Bartel, who has been volunteering with the team since 2015, is behind the beat that you hear across the speakers during game days.

Bartel says the best part about volunteering has been getting to know the Pistons players. “You would think they would just say hi, but since I’ve been doing the music, some of them come up and talk to me as well,” she said.

She also mentioned that the players also helped come up with her famous moniker “DJ Rev”.

Bartel loves volunteering with the Pistons because she enjoys helping out. “It’s a different experience,” she says. “Getting your foot in the door, and meeting new people; it’s a lot of fun. Plus, I love hockey as well.”

There are tons of different opportunities to join and volunteer with the Steinbach Pistons! Aspects like ticket gate attendants, security guards, goal judges, score keepers, PA announcers, and more are always available!┬áIf you want to take your support of the Pistons to the next level email [email protected] for more details.