From left to right: Pistons draft picks Tyson McConnell (2013 3rd Round), Curtis Ireland (2015 4th Round), Max Neill (2016 1st Round), Tanner Mole (2014 3rd Round)

DRAFT PREVIEW: Pistons Prepping for Draft Day

By: Brighton Thiessen

Coach Paul Dyck has been busy the past few weeks preparing to bring the next crop of future talent to Steinbach. For the Pistons scouting staff, they’ve been busy all winter long in cold rinks across Manitoba in order to identify that future talent.

Both of these aspects will culminate on Sunday, June 9th at 9:00 am for the 2019 MJHL Bantam Draft, where the organization will welcome young aspiring Manitoba hockey players, and potential future Pistons, to the Automobile City.

Steinbach will have six picks in the draft and will pick 9th overall in each round except the third. The Pistons traded down in the draft, sending their third round pick to the Waywayseecappo Wolverines in exchange for Wayway’s fourth round pick. Which means Dyck and the Pistons will have two selections in the fourth round.

Some past Pistons draft picks that have gone onto great success include Denis Bosc (1st overall in 2010), Justin Baudry (1st  overall in 2011),  James Shearer (2nd Overall in 2012), Jordan Bochinski (3rd  round, 23rd pick, 2011), Tyson McConnell (2nd round, 18th pick, 2013), and Matthew Thiessen (3rd round, 27th pick, 2015).

Current Pistons that have been selected in the MJHL Draft include Tanner Mole (3rd round, 26th pick, 2014), Troy Beauchemin (3rd round, 25th pick, 2015), Curtis Ireland (4th round, 43rd pick, 2015), and Max Neill (1st round, 10th overall, 2016).

This year’s selections will join forward Ty Paisley (auto-protect selection) as the Pistons’ 2019 draft class. Who will become the newest members of the Steinbach Pistons organization? Tune into the MJHL Bantam Draft this Sunday at 9:00 AM on all Pistons social media platforms for live coverage, as well as the MJHL website for pick-by-pick updates.


  1. Neepawa Natives
  2. OCN Blizzard
  3. Winkler Flyers
  4. Wayway Wolverines
  5. Dauphin Kings
  6. Winnipeg Blues
  7. Virden Oil Capitals
  8. Selkirk Steelers
  9. Steinbach Pistons
  10. Swan Valley Stampeders
  11. Portage Terriers


1st Round, 9th Overall

2nd Round, 20th Overall

4th Round, 37th Overall (via Wayway)

4th Round, 42nd Overall

5th Round, 53rd Overall

6th Round, 64th Overall



2009 – F Nick Kobelka (1st Overall)

2010 – F Denis Bosc (1st Overall)

2011 – D Justin Baudry (1st Overall)

2012 – D James Shearer (2nd Overall)

2013 – F Adam Touchette (7th Overall)

2014 – D Riley Bruce (2nd Overall), F Vaughn Dupre (4th Overall), D Mason Martin (10th Overall)

2015 – F Michael King (10th Overall)

2016 – F Max Neill (10th Overall)

2017 – F Landon Roberts (11th Overall)

2018 – D Ethan Johnson (11th Overall)

2019 – ???