Elaine and Almer Harder, with sons (from left-right) Zedeky and Keontay, and daughters Sariyah and Kyrie posing for family photos inside the TG Smith Centre. (Photo courtesy: Elaine Harder)

Harder Family Making Pistons Games a Family Affair

Most of the Pistons’ seating arrangement in the TG Smith Centre belongs to season ticket holders. The Harders are one of them, and they make Pistons games an opportunity to bond as a family watching some local hockey.

Almer and Elaine Harder, and their children Keontay (10), Sariyah (9), Kyrie (7), and Zedeky (5), have attended Pistons games as season ticket holders for the last 3 years, and they’ve renewed for a 4th year during the summer.

They’ve taken family photos in Pistons jerseys (see above) and have gotten the chance to meet some players over the years.

Almer and Elaine both agree that their favorite moment while attending games is this past year’s ANAVET Cup win. But Almer says that he has another that sticks with him. “During the 2015/16 season, we had a friend arrange a birthday gift for Keontay’s 8th birthday,” he recalled. “It was to meet all the Pistons players in the locker room and get their autographs after the game. That moment was very special, and grew our hockey interest as a family.”

Elaine explained why their family has made a habit out of coming to the TG Smith. “It’s a fun place to take the whole family to watch hockey,” she said. “It’s also a great opportunity to connect with the community.”

“I really enjoy going to the rink with my family, watch a good game of hockey, and watch the players improve throughout the season,” Almer said, adding “Who knows, my boys might play for them one day!”

The Harder family children participate in a home school student skate every Thursday afternoon during the hockey season, and some Pistons players come out and play some hockey with all the kids attending.

Both Almer and Elaine cherish those times watching their children rush up and down the ice. Almer says he is always eager and excited to hear what all happened during the skate. “I enjoy hearing my kids’ exciting stories after work of the fun they’ve had with a couple of the Pistons players,” he explained.

Elaine say that’s it’s great that the Pistons take the time to connect to the Steinbach region. “I’ve seen that in our weekly homeschool skate,” she complimented. “The children enjoyed the guidance and encouragement from the guys every week. They always looked forward to seeing them.”



We thank the Harder family for supporting us by being season ticket holders. You can still purchase and reserve your 2018/19 season seats today. Visit Steinbachpistons.ca/tickets to buy online.