Justin Baudry Thriving Down South

Justin Baudry has spent less than half a season in the USHL and the pride of La Broqquerie, MB is really beginning to hit his stride.

Baudry has 15 assists in 33 games for the Fargo Force, a team right in the thick of it in the Western Conference with 37 points (8 points behind division leader Sioux City).  Baudry notes he has adjusted very well to the faster pace of the league, “I feel like I’ve caught up, I’m not really getting stuck in the dead ends like I used to. At the same time I’m always trying to work on my foot speed and agility trying to get faster.”

Something Baudry has done throughout his hockey life is be a leader both at the rink and away from it and that’s continued in Fargo. He talks about how his role has expanded as the season has gone along.

“I’m wearing a letter back there (‘A’), just trying to help out the guys with the experience I have and at the same time we’re trying to give the forwards as much opportunity to put the puck in the net.” Baudry is 6th on his team in scoring but has yet to find the back of the net, he describes how he keeps it from getting to his head.

“It’s always frustrating, but you try not to think about it too much. At the same time, I’m still creating a lot of opportunities for myself. I’d be more worried if I wasn’t getting those opportunities, but I am, so it’ll go in sooner or later.”

Always trying to improve as a player, Baudry works hard off the ice building strength and on the ice with practicing a quicker wrist shot and faster one timer. Soaking up the lifestyle is also something that he’s adjusted to nicely.

“Everywhere we play is a great place to play, they treat you like an All-Star. You kind of get the beautiful side of the off-ice part and the media. It all goes with the fortune of playing in such a beautiful league.”

Playoffs are the goal for all players in any league and the Fargo Force d-man is no different. “We really want to make the playoffs and the standings are really tight. We’re making a run for the playoffs.”