From Left-Right: Sheldon, Stacey, and Peyton Froese, Evan Funk from Earl's Meat Market, and Lisa Mantey.

Local Business supporting Pistons’ Billet Families

One local business is going above and beyond to help out the outstanding network of billet families associated with the Steinbach Pistons.

Earl’s Meat Market is donating 2 pounds of meat for every goal the Pistons score this season to the billets. At a recent home game this past weekend, they dropped off some donations of meat on the ice as the Pistons recognized two billet families; Albert and Lisa Mantey, and Sheldon, Stacey, and Peyton Froese.

“It’s more than hockey,” owner Earl Funk said. “It’s the positive role models that the billet families are trying to be with the players that come into our community. For me it’s win-win, and that why I support the billet families.”

The Manteys have been a billet family for the last 3 years with the Pistons, while the Froeses have billeted for the past 5 years, often hosting two players at a time.

Son Evan Funk noted that these billets help the players to get involved the community. “Whether on the ice or off the ice, (getting involved) is good character development and that is something that we can get behind.”

Every billet family will be recognized on the ice during the rest of the season.