Clutch, Tristan Culleton, and Tanner Mole with some students of Mrs. Fry's Grade 2 class.

Mole, Culleton, Clutch party with Elmdale

Grade 2 students at Elmdale got quite the treat as Tristan Culleton, Tanner Mole, and the Pistons’ #1 fan Clutch made their way to hang out with the students.

Culleton and Mole played tag and floor hockey in the gym with Mrs. Melissa Fry’s Grade 2 class, basketball at the outdoor courts during recess, ate some pizza and ice cream with the students in their classroom afterwards, and hosting them during a practice.

Mrs. Fry’s class was selected as the winners of the Pistons Poster contest amongst all of the schools in the Eastman region. “The kids had so much fun,” she said. “Tanner, Tristan, and Clutch have just been great participating with the kids in the gym, and serving up ice cream. We just have had a really great morning.”

The Pistons were in the midst of the MJHL Finals against Virden, and Fry was so thankful to have them take their time and come to their class for the morning and afternoon. “Most of the kids haven’t been to the rink before as a class,” she explained. “I don’t think they have actually seen a practice, so it was fun for us to get to go to that.”

Culleton has spent most of the season volunteering at Elmdale, and Fry has truly appreciated his help. “He is just such an awesome guy,” she complimented. “He helps out with all of the kids, he’s been reliable and just an inspiration to the kids and a great role model for them.”

Check out the video below!