New Jumbo-Screen Almost Fully Operational

Article courtesy of Jamie Roy at Steinbachonline.com.

The new jumbo-screen that was installed in the centennial arena earlier this month is almost fully operational.

The 16 by 11-foot screen was initially scheduled to be up by the beginning of December but due to shipping issues with the screen and other technical difficulties, that process was delayed. The Steinbach Pistons game production team has been testing the new system over the past couple weeks as they prepare to unveil a whole new game day experience for Pistons home games.

Kevin Geisheimer with the Pistons says their crew is trained and ready to go but they’re just waiting on one part for the screen.

“This one part allows our current Nevco system that the arena has to communicate with the old scoreboard but also to the new scoreboard. Once that part comes in then we can make it work. So right now we’re not sure if that part is going to arrive or if we have to think of an alternative way to get it up there. We can obviously buy another scoreboard controller, that can go in the penalty box and a different brand name, to communicate to the new score clock or we wait to see if we can get this part.”

Geisheimer adds they hope to have a grand opening with every part of the screen up and running at one of the upcoming Steinbach Pistons home games.

Meanwhile, Head Coach Paul Dyck adds the atmosphere they’re able to create in the arena really makes this a special place to play for their players.

“It’s a very pro atmosphere with the screen now and how we’re able to present the players pregame for introductions and it allows us to do videos during the intermission and bring our fans a little closer to the guys at times and everyone’s going to get to know the guys. It’s something you don’t see a lot at the junior A level. I think there are a few buildings in the country that have something like it but it’s pretty special for them to be a part of this especially the launch here, it’s very exciting for them.”

Dyck says the players are all itching to be in that starting lineup the evening when the new screen will officially be introduced.