Pistons Broadcasts Begin Friday

The Steinbach Pistons are pleased to announce that AM1250 Radio and SteinbachOnline.com have increased their partnership with the team.

Pistons fans have had the luxury of getting play-by-play coverage 10 games prior and then throughout the playoffs the past few years. This year fans can expect to hear Dave Anthony call out 20 regular season games starting with the team’s home opener on Friday.

“Having the opportunity to bring so much Pistons hockey to the passionate fan base is amazing,” replied Anthony, who will be going into his 2nd full season as the Pistons broadcaster. “Having the chance for players’ families and friends to hear them play hockey means a great deal.”

If the Pistons’ preseason play  (7-0) is any indication of what the newly assembled team will be able to accomplish, it sounds like Anthony will be relayi ng a mostly positive message to the Pistons faithful.

“It’s going to be a terrific year in the MJHL and there will be a lot of meaningful games throughout the season with a lot of heated rivalries,” he said. “Can’t wait to get it all started.”

AM1250 Radio and Steinbachonline.com have been broadcasting/streaming Pistons games every year since the team arrived in 2009. 

Broadcast Dates

-Sept 25th
-Oct 3rd
-Oct 18th
-Oct 28th
-Nov 8th
-Nov 22nd
-Dec 1st
-Dec 18th
-Jan 2nd
-Jan 10th
-Jan 22nd
-Jan 23rd
-Jan 24th
-Jan 30th
-Feb 15th
-Feb 19th
-Feb 26th
-Feb 27th
-Feb 28th
-Mar 4th