Pistons Community Unites to Help Pions

The Steinbach Pistons community has come together to support one of its current players in a time of need. Forward Danny Pion and his family, residents of Gatineau QC, have been greatly affected by the flooding that has occurred in the Gatineau area. The Pion family was forced to leave their home when the Ottawa River water levels spilled over the riverbanks and into their community causing $225.000.00 worth of damage to their home.

Steinbach Pistons Game Day Coordinator and Danny Pion’s billet, Shannon Dyck, was in contact with Pion throughout this stressful time. “Some of us were talking about the floods in Quebec and how it was affecting the Pion family.” Shannon wanted to help and began to get in contact with members of the Pistons Community to see what they could do for the Pion Family. “I reached out to the other Pistons players families, the billets and volunteers asking them to join Russ (Husband) & I by donating money to help out the family and to show that we were thinking of them.” With the help of the Pistons community, Shannon was able to raise some funds that will help the Pion family with their immediate needs.

Pistons Head Coach and General Manager Paul Dyck was able to connect with Danny and his family near his home and provided the gift to the Pion family. “It was truly amazing to see how our volunteers, fans, and the families of other players stepped up to support the Pion family during their time of crisis. They have a lot of work ahead of them in terms of the repairs needed in their home, but hopefully, they feel the support and encouragement from our community during this difficult time.”

The Pion family expressed their thanks in a letter directed towards the Pistons community. “We just want to take a moment to say thank you to Steinbach and the Steinbach Pistons family. We are grateful of the generosity that you guys have. Wow! You help us out so much. We really appreciate knowing that we can count on people like you to help us to keep our heads up after a tragedy like this.”

The Ottawa River has begun to recede, and this has allowed the Pion Family to return home and begin the process of repairing their damaged home. Although the cleanup process will be extensive, the family is happy knowing that they will always have the support from the Steinbach community. “We will never say thank you enough for your gifts, thoughts and prayers. We are really proud that Danny is in the best hockey and community in Steinbach.”

If you would like to donate to the Pion family cause, contact the Steinbach Pistons office by phone at 204-326-1604 or by email at [email protected]