Pistons players Tyson McConnell, Tanner Mole and Luke Bellerose (left-right) with the students who had the opportunity to play floor hockey with the Pistons at Green Valley School.

Pistons Creating Smiles in Grunthal

The Pistons were back in Grunthal this Wednesday morning talking about teamwork with the students and then starting a game of ball hockey.

Tyson McConnell, Luke Bellerose and Tanner Mole¬† attended Green Valley School to interact with the grade 5, 6 and 7 classes as apart of the team’s initiative to volunteer 1,500 hours in the community.

This is a full month of school visits with trips planned to New

Bothwell, Mitchell Elementary, Woodlawn Elementary (Steinbach),  Stony Brook Middle School (Steinbach) and Steinbach Christian School in the upcoming 2 weeks.

The Pistons have visited New Bothwell, Blumenort, Arborgate (La Broquerie), Niverville Elementary School, Crystal Springs Hutterite Colony, Elmdale Elementary (Steinbach), Southwood Elementary (Steinbach) and Ile Des Chenes Elementary School over the past couple months. And the team spends time regularly with the home school students during their public skate time.