Pistons’ New Equipment Manager Fitting Right In

Being an equipment manager wasn’t Kasey Lycar’s first choice for a job; it was to be a professional athlete. But it has turned out to be an opportunistic career path for him.

Lycar just recently became the Pistons’ new equipment manager at the beginning of the season after receiving a text from his brother, Kirklan, who plays for the Virden Oil Capitals, that there was an opening for the position.

“He said that I should apply,” Lycar said. “I worked one game as a test and it was a perfect fit. I started that week.”

Lycar has always had a passion for sports as a kid growing up in Gillam, Manitoba;  a town situated between Thompson and Churchill. His goal was to be in sports, but he realized that it was going to be hard to make it. “I didn’t want to give up on the goal of being with a professional sports team,” he said. “I started researching careers in sport and equipment managing jumped off the page.”

Lycar’s first job in equipment managing before coming to the Pistons was with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, a team that he also works for presently. He is excited to bring that experience here to Steinbach. “There are three full-time staff that handle the major issues and I just help out,” he said. “Where in hockey, I’m handling all of the equipment along with the head trainer.”

Lycar is excited to expand his career to the Pistons and continuing to be the best that he can be. “I’ve always had a tremendous passion for sports,” he said. “I have always loved that family-like team atmosphere.”

The Steinbach Pistons organization is excited to welcome Kasey to the team.