Pistons play outdoor hockey with Crystal Spring School

Darby Gula, Will Koop, Declan Graham, and Tyson McConnell recently visited the Crystal Spring Hutterite Colony to play a fun game of hockey outdoors with grade 8-11 students of their local school.

All students of the school were watching along the boards, as the Pistons got to experience something a bit different. The guys then divided the students into teams, and then played hockey for the next hour outdoors.

“The students had so much fun,” said Ruth Bergen, a teacher at Crystal Spring. “They have been looking forward to the Pistons coming for weeks.”

Bergen explained that the colony has two hockey teams formed, and they compete against each other all the time. This comes with their own brand-new equipment and jerseys as well. “The students play almost every day, and they practice a lot too,” she said. “It’s like they grow up out on the ice.”

Bergen is so thankful that the Pistons players took the time to drive out to Crystal Spring, and thanked them for the competitive game. “I think it’s amazing that they came out,” she exclaimed. “The players here are pretty good, but to come out and play with the Pistons, it just takes it to a different level.”

Check out the video below: