Pistons Wrapped ‘I Love To Read Month’ in Kleefeld

The Steinbach Pistons were in Kleefeld this past week reading to kids and of course playing some floor hockey. 

Ryan Carlson and Roman Bengert read for all the Kindergarten to grade 4 students in the music room while Scott Petkau and Luke Amsbaugh read to the grades 5, 6 and 7 classes in the gym.

After a few laughs and plenty of questions the entire school shifted into the gym to watch the Pistons match up against students picked from each grade. What made the game even more entertaining was the fact that the principal and vice-principal were the goalies for each team. 

The Pistons would eventually prevail in a prolonged shootout to come out victorious. 

The Pistons have set a goal as a team to reach 1500 hours of volunteer work in the community and so far they have exceeded the 1100 hour mark. 

Picture Above: Top Row: Scott Petkau and Ryan Carlson. Bottom Row: Luke Amsbaugh, Roman Bengert and some Kleefeld Elementary students.