Smiles Had at Local Day Care

The Steinbach Pistons love making kids smile, and that’s exactly what happened at Tiny Treasures Day Care in Steinbach late last month.

Both Pistons forward Jack Johnson, and defenseman Declan Graham took time out of their playoff schedule to read some books, answer some questions and sign some autographs with the wide-eyed kids at Tiny Treasures.

“We were so excited to hear about these hockey players lives, especially their early years,” said the director at Tiny Treasures Day Care. “The kids realized they had a lot in common with them, even down to favorite childhood toys and hockey teams. “

Graham and Johnson are part of a complete team of players that were heavily involved this past hockey season from volunteering with individuals at enVision Community Living, participating in minor hockey practices, helping at Southeast Helping Hands, building mentorship relationships with younger kids and the list goes on.

And the impact locally is evident throughout these people groups. “

The Steinbach Pistons are proud of the effort of our players and are proud to be a part of a great community of people in Southeastern Manitoba.