Ste-Anne Co-op Creates Unique Partnership

The Steinbach Pistons along with Ste. Anne Co-op have teamed up to create a unique partnership this season.

Pistons defenseman, Connor Martin’s off-ice dedication in the community, enticed Ste. Anne Co-op to set up a relationship that would see Martin representing the Pistons and Co-op. As Co-op continues to build new inroads throughout the community, Steinbach Pistons player sponsorship was suggested.

“Connor’s spirit and personality are a good fit for the Ste. Anne Co-op culture and make him attractive to be a Co-op brand ambassador,” said Ste. Anne Co-op’s General Manager Henry Nickel. “We are proud of the partnership we have with Connor.”

One of Ste. Anne Co-op’s main values is being ‘community minded’ and, as a result, they seek to partner with local organizations such as the Steinbach Pistons. Ste. Anne Co-op’s relationship with the Pistons has grown over the years, starting with season tickets for staff that has now led to game day sponsorships and other initiatives.  

Martin has had his own Ste. Anne Co-op poster autograph signing after a game and is seen around the community wearing Co-op memorabilia while volunteering his time. The partnership has also benefited the 20 year-old hockey player through gas coupons and a $500 scholarship.

“We also wanted to help Connor with his future education goals by providing him with a scholarship towards post-secondary education,” said Nickel. “The Pistons have a great Legacy Program that’s been spearheaded by other local businesses, and Co-op is proud to help build this program by investing in the players’ future.”

The Pistons are excited to have Ste Anne Co-op on board and look forward to finding new and creative ways to work together in the future. “It is truly a team effort to run a successful Jr ‘A’ Hockey Club,” said Kevin Geisheimer, Pistons Director of Marketing. “It takes a shared vision and collaboration between the players, organization and community partners like Ste. Anne Coop.”