Beauchamp helping Pistons Reach 1500 Hour Volunteer Goal

Pistons defenseman Davis Beauchamp has been busy getting involved in the community. The East Grand Forks, North Dakota product has been helping teach elementary school students the ins and outs of moving around on the ice. 

Beauchamp is picking up right where former defenseman, Eddie Eades left off last year at Elmdale Elementary School. Eades, who was also from East Grand Forks, spent many hours building relationships with students at the school. 

This year, Beauchamp has jumped in with both feet, hanging out at the school three mornings a week, volunteering a total of 9 hours per week. 

A part of that volunteer time has brought the 18 year-old defenseman to the rink, where he ultimately feels most comfortable. But he has also been involved in the classroom setting. 

Beauchamp’s hours are being added and totaled alongside his teammate’s hours as the Pistons aim to hit 1500 volunteer hours as a team.