Billeting – “A Very Rewarding Experience”

Build meaningful relationships and make a lasting impact on the dreams of an aspiring young hockey player.

Colin and Alysia Loewen along with their four kids Isaish, Jaxon, Colston and Tessany, took on the opportunity as a Steinbach Pistons billet family for the first time last year. When the year came to an end their were surprised at the impact it had on their family.

“We have had a very rewarding experience,” said Colin, who is also often found in the arena during the off season building and improving the Pistons dressing room area.

“Hosting a Pistons player opens a new view of the world of sports, seeing guys pursue a dream relentlessly from behind the scenes,”  Loewen added, who currently billets forward Cole Smith.

“We have enjoyed giving unselfishly to help them achieve their goals just as we would appreciate another family to do the same for our children if that time should come,” he said.

The Pistons are still seeking 2 more billet families before the start of the season and Loewen says if someone has space in their home they should strongly think about the possibility.

“If anyone is considering billeting a player, please don’t dismiss it as something you can’t do. The rewards will far outweigh the minor schedule inconveniences – I can promise.”

Contact the Pistons billet coordinator Janice Fender at  204-326-4878 or 204-392-5309 or check out steinbachpistons.ca for more details.