Having Fun at Landmark Elementary

The Steinbach Pistons particpated in another school floor hockey event during the noon hour on Friday at the Landmark Elementary school. 

It was a back and forth affair until late in the game when the Pistons opened it up with back-to-back goals. The Pistons ended up winning 5-3 when it was all said and done. 

Congrats to our two winners who took home Pistons t-shirts, which were sponsored by Recycle Everywhere. Recycle Everywhere is the Pistons in school community sponsor. 

(Left-to-Right) Thanks to Connor Martin, Ryan Carlson, Jeremy Wik, Matthieu Gommercic and Roman Bengert for taking time out of their day to play. 

The Pistons have set a goal to volunteer 1500 hours throughout the season and events like this help the team achieve that goal.