How to follow your Pistons at 2018 RBC Cup

The Pistons are underway at the 2018 RBC Cup!

With no more games at the TG Smith Centre, there are a couple of ways that you can follow the team during its RBC Cup run.

As always you can follow Steinbachpistons.ca for game recaps and stories from Chilliwack.

You can listen to every game on MIX 96 and Steinbachonline.com with Dave Anthony, the voice of your Pistons. As he says however, Steinbachonline.com is also a source for news on your favorite junior team.

“We have a Steinbach Pistons playoff page, under the Quick Links section, that gives you stories about the team during this playoff run,” he said.

Layout of HockeyTV.

A third option is to watch all of the games by purchasing a subscription to HockeyTV.com. The cost is $29.99 for a monthly pass, and $20.83/month for a 12-month pass. It gets you access to not just Pistons game in Chilliwack, but you get the chance to watch each of their RBC Cup opponents. With access to HockeyTV at the RBC Cup, you will get a similar experience that is just like watching an NHL broadcast, complete with multiple camera angles and instant replays. By subscribing to HockeyTV, you can watch every single Pistons game and keep up to date with Steinbach’s team.

The fourth option that you have is to head to this website: https://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/national-championships/men/national-junior-a/2018/stats/schedule. There, you can look at up-to-the-minute scores and stats, and you can also watch the game for free, courtesy of Hockey Canada.

As always, if none of the options to you are available, you can stay up to date courtesy of the Pistons app on your phone, and updates via our official Twitter account.

We want to be loud and proud of your Pistons, wherever you are. #GoPistonsGo.