Pistons play football with local team

A local football team got a visit from a few Pistons players.

Curtis Ireland, Matthew Thiessen, Brady Tatro, Jack Lenchyshyn, Jaret Lalli, and James Barclay were in attendance to see and play with the local Eastman Raiders bantam football team a couple of weeks ago.

Organizer Ange Kitching describe the event as majestic to watch. “It was one of the moments where you truly needed to be there to experience and see,” she said. “The team had pride on and self belief all over their faces, and a whole new sense of renewing faith in themselves and as a team.”

Kitching says that it was an awesome experience for all of the parents, coaching staff, and players.

Board member Serena Ortonsky said the experience was amazing. “The boys had a blast and the parents loved watching them have so much fun,” she said.

Ortonsky said that the team would love to make it an annual event. “It meant a lot to have the Pistons out here.”

From left-right: Curtis Ireland, Jack Lenchyshyn, Jaret Lalli, Matthew Thiessen, Brady Tatro, and James Barclay.