Reading and Floor Hockey at Mitchell Elementary

The Steinbach Pistons spent Wednesday morning hanging out at Mitchell Elementary School. 

Ryan Carlson, Will Koop, Wyatt Hinson, Mark Taraschuk and Danny Pion brought the excitment, reading books and playing floor hockey with the kids. 

The day started off with a period of floor hockey with one student from each class that had read the most leading up to the Pistons visit. One boy had spent the evening prior reading for hours so that he could get the chance to play along side the Pistons. 

After some physical activity it was off to the class rooms where the Pistons read books and then answer skill testing questions: How many goals have you scored? Where are you from? What is your favorite food? Who is your favorite NHL team? and the list goes on. 

Mitchell Elementary is one of many schools the Pistons are touring as they make their rounds throughout southeastern Manitoba.