Steinbach Pistons Seeking Equipment Manager

The Steinbach Pistons organization are seeking an equipment manager for the start of the 2019-20 season.


Background in hockey. Organizational, time management and communication skills required.

Abilities and Skills:

• Ability to skate sharpen
• Ability to make skate repairs (replacement, riveting, eyelets, punching, use of oven)
• Ability to make effective equipment modifications
• Ability to keep, maintain, and prepare effective and accurate records
• Ability to maintain effective relationships with management, league officials, facility representatives, fellow employees, and the general public

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Daily practice set up (towels, jerseys, socks, laundry bags, sport drinks, water, etc.)

• Pre-practice skate sharpening, equipment repairs• Pre-practice bench set up: water bottles, coaches board, tape, sticks, tires, etc.

• Post-practice skate sharpening, equipment repair (sewing), equipment modifications, equipment replacement, equipment cleaning, and laundry

• All general housekeeping duties for the following areas: dressing room, training room

• Game day set up: home team dressing room

• Begin to develop contacts within the league for the purpose of becoming familiar with arena regulations and set up, and begin to “network” with equipment manufactures reps and vendors

• Keep and maintain effective and accurate records

Summary: The equipment manager will coordinate the entire equipment area. Some of the responsibilities include inventory, disbursement, cleaning, laundering and maintenance. Extensive interaction with coaches, staff, players and other rink employees is required of this position. These responsibilities are to be taken care of at all practices and games. The position would be effective at the start of the 2019-2020 season.
Please send your application/resume to [email protected]