(From left-right): The Penner family, Earl Funk from Earl's Meat Market, the Loewen family, and Ruth Klippenstein

Earl’s Meat Market drops off more meat to Pistons’ billets

Earl Funk from Earl’s Meat Market dropped off more donations of meat to three lucky Pistons’ billet families before Tuesday night’s game against the Flyers.

For every goal the Pistons score, Earl’s is donating two pounds of meat to all of the billets this season. The lucky recipients were the Penner family, Dave and Ruth Klippenstein, and the Loewen family.

Jamie and Tiff Penner, along with their two sons Beckett and Hayden, have come on board with the Pistons as first-time billets this year. They are billeting Drew Worrad, also in his first year with the Pistons as well.

The Klippensteins are in their third year of billeting, as they hosted two players last year. This year, forward Austin Heidemann is living with them.

Colin and Alyssa Loewen, along with their children Isaiah, Jaxon, Colston, and Tessany have been hosting players for the past three years. They have had players such as Cole Smith and Roman Bengert come through their home, and go on to Division I commitments. This year, Jack Johnson is staying with them in his 2nd season with the club.

All Pistons billet families will be recognized on the ice during the rest of the season.