Having Fun at Arborgate School

The Steinbach Pistons along with their community sponsor Recycle Everywhere were excited to hang out once again with local kids at Arborgate School in La Broquerie earlier this month.

This past school visit consisted of a short presentation in front of the school where the players talked a little bit about where they were from and what it means to be a Steinbach Pistons player. Many of the students were surprised to hear that the players come from all over North America to pay in Steinbach.

After the short presentation, it was straight to the court to play floor hockey. Eddie Eades, Robert Briem, Bradly Schoonbaert, Connor Martin and Denis Bosc were up against some stiff competition, playing 30 minutes against 6 different shifts of players.

It was 10 more accumulated hours of volunteer time in the community by the players who are striving to hit the 1500 mark as a team.